Our passion
At Magenta, we have been at the highest level of film production and processing for more than 38 years. Our 25-person team can claim to deliver masterful work on a daily basis. Because we love what we do and will never lose enthusiasm for your projects and for solving creative and ambitious tasks.
Our Know-How
Take a dip in our Magenta world and see us at work. We are a team of experts and specialists, some of us with more than 40 years of professional experience and our technical equipment is second to none. We are convinced of our transparent processes, flexible procedures and customer care with heart and brain.


We assume production tasks, post-production tasks and a variety of technical tasks: from cut and synchronous versions, mastering and conversions, tests and consultation to production of trailers and clips - everything on three floors under one roof.
As with mastering, when copying and converting your material, you can rely on our experienced staff and first-class technology. You can count on high quality in all recording forms and systems.

- HDCam
- DVCproHD
- DVCpro50
- DVCam
- Digital Betacam
- 1"B-Format
- 1"C-Format
- D1
- D2
- D5
- U-matic
- LYNX PVD 5660
- Snell Alchemist Ph.C HD

We use centralized systems which do not block any processing stations during encoding and store your files to our central memory. In the event of a crash, the files are stored in our archive. This means nothing can be lost.

Internal 10 GB Network
Central switcher for SDI and AES signals
Several Telestream Vantage Encoding Servers
Interra Baton System
Cisco Firewalls
1Gbit upload/download to the Internet
Signiant media shuttle system and FTP Server

We produce DVDs and Blu-rays for you - with sophisticated on-screen menus or harmonic intermediate sequences. On request, we also take care of the design of the cover and booklet.

On your behalf, we check whether your current version can go into broadcast on the basis of defined guidelines. On request, we would be happy to create a special test concept together with you or check your files with our specially developed routines.

You can also use the edit suites, which are equipped to the highest standards, on your own or with your own employees. For technical questions, we are there for you and are happy to help.

Steps such as color correction, audio editing, mastering and technical tests can then be completed quickly and easily directly by us in situ.

Make use of our know-how, based on more than 38 years of production and post-production - we are happy to advise you. If you need help with the planning or coordination of technical processes, we are happy to be there for you so that you save time and costs.

We have the technical know-how and the technical equipment for the various formats and types of production, but of course we also have the creative heart to create a high-end experience out of your material: objective or emotional, depending on the mood.

Avid MediaComposer
Apple and Windows systems
128 terabytes of online central storage
Sony HD-SDI OLED monitors
Tectonics WVR measuring devices
RTW Loudness measuring devices
Genelec/Klein&Hummel Speakers
Linear editing system

Significant emphasis - lasting impressions. We create looks and atmospheres for the right mood and unique viewer impressions. By the way, this also applies to your old treasures in the archive.

Digital Vision Nucoda FilmMaster Color Grading System
DVO Noise Reducer
30-inch Sony Trimaster OLED Monitor
Tektronix WVR Measuring Devices
4K-compatible including HDR, HFR or BT.2020

We are professionals - our devices are professional - our format range is broad - together, we are Magenta and have been making movies fit for broadcast for 38 years. You can see it and feel it.

- HDCam
- DVCproHD
- DVCpro50
- DVCam
- Digital Betacam
- 1"B-format
- 1"C-format
- D1
- D2
- D5
- U-matic
- LYNX PVD 5660
- Snell Alchemist Ph.C HD

Noise or crackling sound? With us, your production only goes into broadcast crystal clear and super clean, because we are as perfectionist with the sound as we are with the image. And quick, thanks to a complete recording studio in-house, just in case a voice recording needs to be changed ad hoc.

- Recording Studio
- Pro Tools HDX
- Vocal booth
- Voice recordings
- Foreign language versions
- Elimination of technical defects
- Mixtures and sound corrections
- Multi-channel productions
- Dolby-E
- Sound restorations

Bollywood, martial arts, Portuguese drama - the world is rich in languages and we find this wonderful. Also, our network of qualified translators, authors and known speakers takes pleasure in the many international productions.

Recording Studio
Pro Tools HDX
Speaker Cab
Voice recordings
Foreign language versions
Well-known speakers’ voices
Time and lip-synchronous

In 20 minutes, you can say a lot, but we can also create a lot in 20 seconds. We produce tailored TV clips: emotional, informative and convincing. We put your message in a nutshell and into the memory of your audience.

An appetite for more: the perfect trailer arouses peoples’ interest, tickles their needs and touches their hearts. Thrilling music, magnificent images and just the right words at the right moment - it’s almost a science which requires the maximum of narrative economy.

These are not slide presentations with beautiful effects or pie charts with music. We will show who you are and what you do - in a perfectly produced video with a unique concept and a controlled vigor.


Gray hair
– Oscar-proud of so much experience under one roof


days, Magenta in Wiesbaden
– of these, 38 Christmas parties in Midnight Blue


Master in the archive
– Bernd, who observes and controls everyone


About Magenta and what drives us.
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