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Encoding and archiving

Efficiently linked

Not only is our team well connected for optimum processes, all devices in our internal 40 GBit network are also centrally connected via switcher for SDI and AES signals which can be controlled by the respective operator on a tablet. We love it fast, easy and cost-efficient - just like our customers.

Well thought through

We also use four Telestream Vantage Encoding servers to process certain encoding processes more efficiently. An Interra Baton QC system performs our first quality control. Connected by several firewalls, we use different media exchange systems such as FTP servers or Signiant Media Shuttle. We are specialized in encoding of all kinds, from web-enabled files such as MP4 to broadcast formats such as OP1A. Your files are safely archived by being saved on LTO 5/6/7 (with LTFS) or encoded into the target format of your choice with the provision on our servers.


  • internes 40 GBit Netzwerk

  • Central switcher for SDI and AES signals
  • Several Telestream Vantage Encoding Servers
  • Interra Baton System

  • 10 Gbit upload/download to the Internet

  • Signiant media shuttle system and FTP Server

Efficient, reliable, fast!

Encodings and archiving
We use centralized systems which do not block any processing stations during encoding and store your files to our central memory. In the event of a crash, the files are stored in our archive. This means nothing can be lost.

Best infrastructure

Excellent location and fast dedicated line

Benefit from the fastest network connection in an excellent location in Wiesbaden.

Nothing stands in the way of your next film project, either digitally or analogue. Waiting for what? Simply get in touch with us.

Phone: 0611-93 20 96 0
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Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring 56
65185 Wiesbaden

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